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Organizer for the press accessories and case accessories kits that come with your Frankford Arsenal X-10 progressive press, this organizer makes it simple and easy to store the parts that come in your X-10 parts kits right where you need them...on the press!!!


The organizer mounts right to the press with one easy T-Nut and fits inbetween our X-10 press bullet counter and our X-10 press alignment tools so everything works together in harmony and combines the parts from the case feed accessory kit and the press accessory kit into one organizer. 



5 Case Reducers

2 Case Plungers

2 Powder Inserts

1 Priming Rod (either small or large)

1 Swage Rod (either small or large)

8 Case Buttons


NOTE: You receive the organizer only, no other items are included. Other items seen in the pictures are for advertising purposes only. 


NOTE: The organizer holds everything included in the essentials kit with the exception of the allen wrenches 

X-10 Press Essentials Organizer

Choose Color: Midnight Edition
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