Hornady AP Primer Slide Alignment Tools And Shell Plate Locker

Hornady AP Primer Slide Alignment Tools And Shell Plate Locker

SKU: AP-6061

(Patent Pending) Primer Slide Alignment Tools and Shell Plate Locking Pin for Hornady Lock N Load Progressive Loading Press. 


NOTE: If your AP Press is the older style that does not have the spring at the bottom of the primer slide guide wire please send me a message stating so when you order as the shell plate locking dowel is a smaller diameter and we need to make sure you get the correct dowel.


Tired of all the issues trying to align your primer slide on your Hornady Lock N Load Progressive Press every time you need to change from Large to Small primers? Need a better way to lock the shell plate to loosen the bolt and properly tighten it being able to use both hands? Well, we have created the cure!


The four most common issues with the Hornady Lock N Load Progressive Press primer system are:

1. Incorrectly centering the hole in the primer slide to the center of the tube retainer.

2. Choosing the wrong size primer slide for the primer being used.

3. Choosing the wrong inside diameter primer tube.

4. Improper adjustment of the primer slide guide wire.


Using the large primer tube and/or primer slide for small primers causes primers to either flip and insert into the case upside down or the jam and break the guide wire retainer bracket.

Using the large primer tube for large primers but using the small primer slide and they will not feed at all.


With our new (Patent Pending) primer slide alignment tools you can properly align your primer slide and adjust the guide wire in 30 seconds perfect every time! The tools also work as a gauge to take the guess work out of choosing the correct size primer slide and primer tube.


A properly set up primer system on the Hornady Lock N Load Progressive Press lets you spend your time reloading vs arguing with an inanimate object which we have all done...admit it.


The shell plate locking pin properly locks the shell plate in place leaving you able to use both hands to work with. The pin is made of 6061 aluminum and will not shear nor will it cause damage to your expensive shell plates. 


All three tools are on a chain for conveinence which you can easliy hang near your press so they are easily kept track of. 


The tools come as a set, one for small primers and one for large primers


    Tools are hand machined from 6061 aluminum which will last a lifetime and may show minor tooling marks. Tools are hand machined from 60


    Tools come with a lifetime replacement policy for breakage. Customer must send in the broken item before a replacement can be shipped. Customer pays return shipping and we pay to ship you the new one. 


    First Class Mail with Tracking Number United States Only