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Mighty Armory Die Holders are designed to hold their dies and accessories. Mighty Armory authorized us to design, produce and sell these under thier name and trade mark, they are professional quality  3D printed with textured bottoms and slide resistant rubber feet so they stay put on your active bench or shelf. They are 4.5"W x 4.25"D X 1.8"H

NOTE: You are buying the DIE HOLDER ONLY The dies are for visual purposes only and are NOT INCLUDED. 

Each Die Holder Holds:

(8) Dies

(2) Case flare/expander shafts

(3) Decapping pins

(6) Seating die barrels for different calibers/profiles 

NOTE: These are our own designs here at Braggin Rights Precision LLC. Our designs are NOT open source and Braggin Rights Precision LLC in no way grants permission to any other company or individual to copy our designs or products for personal use nor for resale. By buying our products you are agreeing that you will not copy our designs or products in any way for personal use or resale. 

Mighty Armory Die Holder

Pre-Order sales usually ship 1 week from order date or sooner.
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