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Low powder sensor for the Frankford Arsenal X-10 Reloading Press that uses one of the 9 sensor input jacks on the Smart Toolhead and when powder is down to approx 10% set off the Smart Toolheads alarm and flashes the lights. The sensor can be incorporated into an automation unit to shut the unit down when triggered by the customer making an adaptor that works with their own automation set up.


The kit includes a bottom spacer to add the 10% powder capacity lost by the bottom plate when at the full position, the main sensor assembly, two wire clips that clip onto the outside of the X-10 primer tube and two screws.


The kit installs easily in minutes, simply unscrew the set screws from the clear powder drop hopper, install the adaptor in its place using the same set screws, install the original clear powder hopper into the spacer and attach with the two included screws, plug it into you choice of the 9 sensor sockets on the Smart Tool Head, lower the ram and clip the wire into the two supplied clips. 

Low Powder Sensor For Frankford Arsenal X-10 Press

Usually ships within 10 business days but not guaranteed. This item sells out quickly.
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