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Our newest product for setting up and adjusting the pawls for shell plate timing on your Hornady AP Progressive Press is now available for those that load in .45 acp! This kit includes the tools needed to properly adjust the pawls which controls shell plate timing on your AP Press.




NOTE: These only work in conjunction with a #45 shell plate for .45acp


NOTE 2: If you are not seeing any adjustment changes on your shell plate when adjusting timing with ram at the bottom your detents on the bottom of your shell plate have too much tension on them, this can also cause harsh snaps into detent causing powder spillage. With your shell plate upside down on your bench simply use a hammer and a small punch to (LIGHTLY) tap the detent balls to adjust the pressure on them. This will allow you to have a small amount of free play in the shell plate for more precise adjustment of your shell plate timing. 


NOTE: Once you time your shell plate using our tools your press is now set properly for all calibers your reload not just the caliber used for setup using our tools.You do NOT need a set for each caliber you load.


Our tools take all of the guess work out of the set up and when performed per instructions your press will run like a precision swiss time piece. 


Common issues of pawls and shell plate timing out of adjustment: shell plate has to be tapped to snap into detent on return stroke, primers hard to push into a properly swaged case, primers not fully seating and deformed, case feeder tipping the case as it enters into the shell plate, cases not aligning with the dies on the upstroke, cases dragging into the dies and/or tight coming out of the dies, sized cases and loaded rounds not concentric etc. 


98% of the time you experience these issues they are caused by improper alignment of the pawls which controls the shell plate timing/position. Our tools make it very easy to get them perfect and thus improving your production and overall reloading experience and reduces broken parts such as pawls and drive gears.


Our tools are a must have for any Hornady AP Press owner, especially if you are just setting up your press for the first time. By setting up your press initially with our tools your press will run smoother and it will be much easier to set up your tools, case feeder, bullet drop, powder drop or what ever accessories you plan to run on your AP Press. 


Our tools make it very easy to get your press running properly again after broken parts replacments and help eliminate the broken parts in the first place.


*Styles and colors of the die locking nuts and shell plate gauges may vary*

Hornady AP 45acp Pawl Adjustment Tools

SKU: Pawl-Kit 45
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