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Primer sensor for the Frankford Arsenal X-10 press. The primer sensor detects if there is no primer to feed a case on your next press stroke then flashes the smart tool head lights as well as sounds the alarm letting you know there is no primer available to feed. 


The primer sensor eliminates not knowing if a primer was unavailable to feed a case preventing powder spillage, wasting a bullet etc. and having to clean a mess from the press and shell plate saving you precious time and effort of cleaning and having to disassemble ammunition that did not get primed. 


The primer sensor requires no modifications to your press of any kind, easily installs in about 10 minutes and uses two of the nine sensor jacks on the tool head. 


NOTE: Style of 3.5mm plugs will vary from advertisement pictures due to availabilty of styles. 

Frankford Arsenal X-10 Press Primer Sensor

Please allow 10-12 (BUSINESS) days for shipping, this is our top selling item and it sells out very fast.
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