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Simple round counter for the Hornady AP Press, counts press cycles so rest it on last stroke before first round falls into the bin then keep track of round and primer count on your press. Sensor bracket overlays the primer bracket and it slotted to match for adjustment.  Magnet base overlays the primer tube housing and the counter bracket simply mounts with the corner bolt on your press base. (Depending on the excess length of your current bolt you may need a 1/4 inch longer bolt. 


Counter has memory so it will not lose last count when turned off and has a basic reset button. Counter runs off a single AA battery which lasts many months.  Kit comes pre wired and ready to install. 


As always our 3D prints are professional quality prints using professional quality filamant made in Texas and we design the settings per product for best quality and strength. Our prints are not the typical junk quality you find all over ebay.

Counter for Hornady AP Press

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