Hornady AP Budget Powder Drop Lock Plate (Plastic Plate)

Hornady AP Budget Powder Drop Lock Plate (Plastic Plate)

SKU: hornady Plastic-lock plate

This is our newest item, Its the same locking plate as our Aluminum version just made in plastic but easier o your budget. These are not your average 3D printed parts, they are very high quality retail quality prints with our own inner structure design for strength that is strong enough to be run over with a truck with out damage...check out our video!  


Our Powder Drop Locking Plate cures the issues with loose powder drops and the powder drop totally twisting out on the Hornady AP Press by locking the powder drop bushing to the two adjacent bushings. This requires no modifications to your press and can be used in any position you use your case activated powder drop in.


NOTE: Do Not Over Torque the locking nut on the powder drop, these are very strong but they are still plastic. The way the plates work there is no need to over torque the locking nut to keep your powder drop in place. 

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