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Pilot and shell holder organizer for the AMP Research MarkII Annealing Machine, the organizer holds up to 7 pilots and the shell holder. The pilots fit snug yet easliy inserted and removed.  The bottoms are textured and have rubber feet to help prevent them from sliding around on your bench or shelf.  The organizers are commercially 3D printed items and great quality. 


NOTE: Braggin Rights Precision LLC is not affiliated with any other manufacturing company or brand in any way. We love their products and our tools and accessories are to simply help improve the user experience of reloading products and reloading in general.  



AMP Research Mark II Annealing Pilot Organizer

Will ship between 10/17/2023 and 10/20/2023 We are a family owned company and on a company wide vacation
  • Shipping is calculated by product weight and your address.  Products in this set are lifetime warranty against material defects. Defected products will be replaced at our cost. 

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