Hornady AP Press Swaging Set

Hornady AP Press Swaging Set

Hornady AP Press Swaging System...this new product is a total game changer for the AP Press by allowing for the first time the ability to Size, De-Prime, Swage and Bell the case all in one run with no special shell plates or dies!


With our system you simply remove the primer anvil and replace it with our swager, remove the primer tube and shuttle, install the shell rider and a special concave shim under the sub plate spring.  It takes approx. two minutes to set up and be ready to go using the shell plate for the caliber you already have set up and use.  With our system you can also use a case feeder if you have one to make it even faster! 


The swage shafts are heat treated for hardness, hand polished and as tough as they come. The Hornady AP press for it's price line is the best out there and has the best warranty in our opinion but until now was limited for brass processing, all we have done with our tools and products is help make a great press even better. 


Please watch our instructional video before using this product. We highly suggest having your press mounted on a very solid bench as it should already be as it does take a bit of elbow grease as it does with any swage system on the market, remember you are compressing brass when you swage. 


We highly suggest using our shell plate/pawl alignment tools to properly center your shell plate perfectly for our swager to work at their best...it is essential the shell plate is ceantered with the swager.


Included in the kit: (1) Small Swager

                                       (1) Large Swager

                                       (1) Shell Rider

                                       (1) Concave Shim




Before installing and using our swager system please go to our YouTube channel https://youtu.be/J9t9Eako7Gw and watch our video end to end…do not skip any part. The video explains how swaging actually works, how our swagers work compared to other styles and most importantly how they work on the Hornady AP Press and covers the common questions we get and misconceptions about swaging in general. Failure to watch our video end to end before use may result in poor results and damage to your press. We will not warranty the swagers for misuse or lack of following instructions in the video.

Braggin Rights Precision LLC is NOT responsible for damage to your press or other equipment caused by misuse or failure to follow instructions. Reloading live ammunition can be dangerous, improper procedures can result in injury and/or death, it is the responsibility of the  reloader to have proper tools and safety equipment for reloading including but not limited to primer pocket gauges to check proper swage before attempting to install live primers after using any brand or type of swaging system. Braggin Rights Precision LLC is not responsible for injuries caused by misuse of our products or a failure on your part to follow proper guidelines and instructions for reloading or to properly check primer pockets before installing live primers.

Before using our swagers, if your brass has sealant on the primers you must remove the sealer before swaging, the sealer will gum up the swage profile and cause it to stick. If the swager does stick (lightly) rock the handle back and forth or simply wiggle the case with your fingers to release it. (Do Not Violently Rock The Handle Back And Forth…This Will Break A Pawl and is not necessary)

If you have any questions or issues, please contact us through our email bragginrightsprecision@yahoo.com

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